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  • It's Nearly The End by JPR.esq

    Jan 27 2018

    It's hard to believe it's nearly the end of the game season already; a years' worth of hard work & stress, pest controlling, feeding & watering, planning and preparation. All for eight days of driven pheasant and partridge shooting for our ten syndicate members. For me it's not a full-time job though, I have to work a 9 –5 job like most other people. Is all the effort worthwhile? Of course it is. Those days that the birds fly high and fast, catching the wind and challenging the guns. The good-humoured banter, the awful misses and the fantastic kind of shots that only happen once every few years. The joy on the beaters faces as their dog’s work for them and flush a fine brace up and over the guns. I see it all, and it fills me with joy and passion for what we do.

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  • #FieldFashionista: Alice Wootton

    Jan 11 2018

    Three Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club members became #Field Fashionistas and road tested some of our ladies products. Alice Wootton is our first Alan Paine #FieldFashionista. Read on to see how she got on with her brand new Alan Paine Kit!

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  • My First Game Day by Lucy Sillars

    Jan 10 2018

    The Saturday before Christmas was one of those sub-zero days, where the sun shines piercingly bright but the ground stays rock solid. A perfect day to be outside on your first pheasant shoot with a cracking group of ladies (& honorary ladies). The lovely Tracey Davey had organised the day for a mix of experienced & novice lady guns up in Matfen, Northumberland on a small friendly shoot.

    First things first we ran through a safety briefing for the day - what we could and couldn’t shoot, what to be aware of around the area etc, and then picked our peg numbers for the first drive.

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