The Lambswool Knitwear Collection

Two grand masters of the British knitwear industry combine to produce our Lambswool collection. Using the first clip from the first shearing of the baby lamb, our Lambswool yarn is spun by Europe’s oldest spinner, Z. Hinchliffe, founded in Yorkshire, England, 250 years ago.

Our Lambswool is from the South East area of Australia which is synonymous with producing the finest wool in the world. We pay close attention to the micron size or diameter of the fibre to ensure that it is of the best quality and softness, using a lower micron than many of our competitors. Characteristically the yarn is soft, elastic and slippery, which is why its superior quality is used in the production of luxury knitwear.

Men's Lambswool Knitwear

Men's Lambswool Knitwear


Our world renowned Lambswool collection has been expertly crafted in two fits; classic fit and regular fit.

Lambswool Classic Fit Knitwear

Classic Fit is our most generous fit. To ensure maximum comfort, all our Classic Fit styles are generously cut across the waist, for a relaxed, more-traditional fit.

Lambswool Regular Fit Knitwear

Regular Fit is our most common, modern fit. Regular Fit styles are slightly tapered across the waist and chest, whilst still retaining plenty of room for comfort.