Men’s Shooting Clothing

We have the highest quality in hard wearing mens shooting jackets, vests and shooting breeks to choose from. Whether you require full waterproof, yet breathable protection, to something a little lighter like our mens shooting fleece range we tailor to every climate.
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Men’s Shooting Clothing

A comprehensive range of British designed men’s shooting clothing from Alan Paine. Our quality shooting clothing and accessories includes breeks, country checked shirts, waistcoats, shooting coats, quilted jackets and a range of fine tweed shooting wear. A range of accessories such as shooting ties, flat caps and shooting socks are also available; everything a man needs for a day's out shooting.

Find the perfect fitting shooting clothes

All our men’s shooting clothing come within two fits:

1. Shooting Fit - Building into garment 10" to 11" from actual chest size allowing movement & layering.

2. Classic Fit - Building into garment 5" to 6" from actual chest size allowing layering.

For example, if you were a 42" chest and bought a size 42" Combrook Men's Tweed Coat (Classic Fit), the actual garment chest would measure 47" to accommodate layering. You will find the type of garment fit at the end of the product name.

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Combrook Men's Shooting Collection
Men's Shooting Clothes